Ilembula Hospial

Ilembula Lutheran Hospital is a heath facility belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT)-Southern Diocese (SD) and started to operate as health post in 1941 and in 1950 started to operate as a Hospital up to now.

From 7th May 2010 the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania through Njombe District Council signed the service agreement with ELCT-Southern Diocese to be Ilembula Council Designated Hospital. Ilembula Lutheran Hospital started to act as Council Designated Hospital since July 2013, where by staff salaries, Medical supplies and equipment are supported by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania through Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

On 25th October 2010 the Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Prof. David Mwakyusa, appointed Ilembula Lutheran Hospital as Referral Hospital. From that time, it was one of 9 Referral Hospitals in Tanzania. That means all Hospitals in the surrounding Districts use Ilembula Hospital to referral its patients.

On 25th September 2015 Ilembula Referral Hospital signed a contract with the Government to be the Designated Council District Hospital of Wanging’ombe.

Ilembula Designated Hospital is situated at Ilembula Village, in Ilembula ward, Wanging’ombe Division in Wanging’ombe District at Njombe Region in the southern Highlands of Tanzania. Ilembula lies on altitude of 1,400 meters (4700 ft.) above the seal level. It is 34 degrees East of Greenwich Meridian and 8 degrees south of the Equator.

There are two Hospitals, 4 Health canters and 12 Dispensaries. The nearest Hospital is Ikelu in Makambako Town which is about 25km from Ilembula Hospital.

Ilembula Designated Hospital is situated along the main road of Dar es Salaam-Mbeya. It lies 5km from the main road, 100 km from Njombe town, 150km from Mbeya town and 200 km from Iringa, therefore apart from serving people of Njombe Region also it serves people from Iringa, Mbeya, Morogoro Regions and other places of Tanzania respectively.

The Hospital has a bed capacity of 317 and it provides a wide variety of Health care service such as Internal medicine, Paediatrics, Radiology services, Mortuary, Laundry Surgery, laboratory investigations, Gynecologic and Obstetrics, Dentistry, Social welfare, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Ophthalmology, Orphanage and Nutrition, Rehabilitation Units, T.B/Leprosy, CTC, Palliative care as well as Reproductive and child Health (RCH) Clinics, and spiritual service.

It is a teaching Hospital for Clinical Medicine, Nurse and Midwife students of Ilembula Institute of Health and Allied Sciences – “IIHAS” also used as practical research for students both from within the country and from abroad.




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