Gonja Hospital

Gonja Lutheran hospital is owned by Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania Pare Diocese. It’s situated in the Eastern Zone of Same District about 80km from same town in Kilimanjaro region. The existing main building was constructed in 1967 and inaugurated in 1971 with bed capacity of 87 beds. From 2015 to the present, the hospital is under big renovation. The hospital has 63 staff.

The hospital supervises 5 dispensaries which are Mbaga manka, Vudee, Ruvu, same, and Mpirani dispensary. The hospital offers services like Outpatient, Inpatient, Surgical, Laboratory, Radiology, Pharmacy, Reproductive Child Health, Palliative care, Hypertension clinic, Diabetes clinic, and Care treatment center for HIV/AIDS.

Dr yohana Mwanda,MD!!
Doctor InCharge at Gonja Lutheran hospital
Email: yohanamwanda@gmail.com
Phone number: +255788656642

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