How to apply

How to apply

Application Process

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St. Constantine’s is a selective, secular, English medium, international school that accepts students regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, family composition or socio-economic status. We are deeply proud of our student diversity and welcome students from all corners of the globe. While the school has had a historic connection with the Greek Orthodox church, it has no religious affiliation.

Admissions to St. Constantine’s involves a three-step process, designed to ensure that the applicant is a good match for St. Constantine’s and has a reasonable chance of academic success, given the high intellectual standards and academic expectations of an international school. Please note that St. Constantine does not currently have support programmes for students with special learning needs or with specific learning disabilities.

Step 1 – Completion and submission of our school application form.

Applications may be dropped off at the school directly or completed and scanned by email to , , or .

Please accompany the application with the submission of the following:

  • previous academic records / most recent school report (including standardised examination records when these are available)
  • copy of child’s birth certificate
  • copy of child’s passport (if applicable)
  • two recent passport-sized photos

Step 2 – Assessment.

All applicants must be tested for academic aptitude and English language proficiency. The testing varies according to age and may include written assessments, computer-based assessments or face-to-face interviews with teachers. An admissions fee of USD 25 is required prior to, or on the day of, the assessment.

Step 3 – Final Interview with the Head of Secondary / Head of Primary / Head of Town Campus.

St. Constantine’s reserves the right to admission based on its established criteria and does not release the results of student admissions tests or interviews to any party. The criteria for admission may change without notice. Please note that steps 2 and 3 may sometimes be combined into one interview, at the discretion of the school.

Notification of Admission

Following the completion of the above listed steps a student may be offered one of the following four options:

1. Admitted – The student is admitted without any condition. Based on the assessment results, interview and past academic record they are likely to succeed in St. Constantine’s rigorous academic environment. An admission fee of USD 500 (per family) must be deposited within one week of an offer of a place in order to reserve the space.

2. Conditional Acceptance – Occasionally, St. Constantine’s may determine the student has academic potential and aptitude to succeed in an international school, but needs further development of specific skills (for example English Language proficiency) in order to succeed academically at St. Constantine’s. Conditional Acceptance may be thus offered with the requirement that the student enroll in academic preparation or English language proficiency programmes. According the the specific circumstances of the individual application, the final admission and enrollment is then either:

a) conditional on programme completion and a re-testing of the skills that were deemed underdeveloped.

b) conditional on the child being re-tested after a specified amount of time in school (usually 4 – 10 weeks)

3. Wait-listed – Because admissions is selective, and the number of admissions places limited, qualified students may not receive admission immediately, but instead be Wait-listed. Wait-listed means the student performed well enough to be admitted on academic grounds but, unfortunately, because we do not currently have a space available, we are waiting to see if a place opens. Admissions may be offered at a later date. Students may be Wait-listed until the first month of school after which they will be notified that no space is available for admissions.

4. Not Admitted – The student, based on our admissions criteria, does not currently have the academic aptitude or achievement to succeed in an international school setting. The student may reapply after one year.

Scholarships – St. Constantine’s currently offers limited scholarships to students of Greek descent whose parents are members of The Hellenic Foundation of Tanzania. These scholarships are offered through the Hellenic Foundation, entirely at their discretion. Additionally, we offer a very small number of merit-based scholarships to students of exceptional academic potential who also demonstrate an outstanding work ethic. We do not offer needs-based bursaries.

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