Itete hospital

Evangelical Lutheran church of Tanzania is the owner of itete hospital, the dioceses is registered under social ordinance act of 1954 0n 26 September 2000 with registration number SO 1062

Itete Lutheran hospital is a nonprofit organization medical services started since 1920 by German missionaries who built a small dispensary.

It is among the oldest hospital in the country, it is well known in southern highland zone of Tanzania as the first hospital where the first incidence of HIV was reported and where the case of onchocerciasis was diagnosed.

Itete Lutheran Hospital is owned by the Evangelical Lutheran Church- Konde Diocese, in Tanzania.  It is a non for profit Organization. Medical services started since 1910 by German missionaries who built a small dispensary here, which was destroyed in the First World War in 1918.

Ten years after fist word war, the Germans re-established it as a small 30 beds capacity hospital in the 1920s which again was destroyed in the Second World War. Finnish missionaries build it again in the late of 1950s. The Hospital was opened to the public in 1960. And registered in 1997 with registration number 124002. Currently, Itete Hospital facilitates six (6) dispensaries and one Health Centre. Facilities which are currently   facilitated by Itete Hospital are Tukuyu Health centre located 43 km from Itete Hospital, Mwakaleli dispensary (33 km), Mbigili dispensary (22 km), Manow dispensary (13 km), Mpata dispensary (23 km), Kasyabone dispensary (20 km) and Ntaba dispensary (25km) from Itete Hospital. Two dispensaries (Ngamanga and Mahenge Dispensary) in Kyela District are facilitated by Matema Hospital.



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Medical service section

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Dr, samwel lugendo-Medical officer in charge +255620221548 or +255719182827

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