Ndolage Hospital

Ndolage hospital is a voluntary Agency institution owned and run by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania – North Western Diocese (ELCT-NWD). It was started in 1928 by Germany Missionaries. In the year 1960 ELCT/NWD took over full responsibility of running. The hospital is providing both curative and preventive services. It has also been serving as the educational hospital through the School of Nursing attached to it.

Services rendered by Ndolage hospital. It includes curative and preventive services.

        Details of services offered are OPD, Dental, Eye Clinic, Theatre, IPD, Deliveries, X – Ray, Blood transfusion, Laboratory investigation, RCH services, CTC services, Palliative care.

The hospital bed capacity to date is 120 beds.

Contact of doctor in charge

Dr. Lilian Kafuruki

Hospital Doctor In-charge

Tel Office: +255 732 983304

Mobile Phones: (+255)713609349

E-mail Address: elctndolage@yahoo.com

  1. Hospital contacts details (email, phone, etc)

Physical Address:       Kamachumu Division, Muleba District

Postal address:            P.O. Box 34, Kamachumu, Kagera, Tanzania

Telephone:                  +255 732 983 304 Email address:            elctndolage@yahoo.com

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