05 August 2022

COVID 19 education and Palliative Care services

Last week we had a COVID-19 taskforce meeting at the New Safari Hotel. The meeting involved members from the Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT), Muslim Council of Tanzania (BAKWATA), Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC), Council of Pentecostal Churches in Tanzania (CPCT) and Seven Days Adventist (SDA) Church. Officials from the Ministry of Health (MoH) and the President's Office-Regional Authority and Local Government (PORALG) participated as well. The government shared the achievements and challenges around the COVID-19 vaccine intake and the role of the taskforce to support the plans in order to achieve herd immunity. The technical advisors for the taskforce shared the work the taskforce has done in different regions, including reaching more than 300 religious leaders, developing IEC materials for COVID 19; and media campaigns from January to June 2022. The taskforce has a plan to collaborate with the Government in the implementation of the planned activities.

05 August 2022

COVID 19 response program

As of August 2nd, 2022, the Ministry of Health and WHO reported that 45.72 percent of people had been vaccinated against COVID-19 in Tanzania. We believe that the efforts of religious leaders and healthcare providers have greatly aided in reaching out to people with accurate information and education. The ELCT health directorate has continued to provide education through interfaith committees in districts and regions, as well as through the media, in collaboration with the religious leaders taskforce. On August 3rd, 2022, the ELCT health directorate hosted a session to educate about the COVID 19 vaccine. Upendo TV will broadcast the show. The date and time will be announced soon

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