Barefoot quality of Care (BFQC):

Barefoot quality is defined by the ELCT health department as quality in the eye of common man. It is designed to strengthen not only the provision of quality health care to the clients but also Christian values and ethics in the provision of care.

The department has been using different quality improvement national trainers to conduct on-site training for quality improvement to make sure the other part of quality is given the same priority and become more efficient and appreciated when the Christian values and ethics are added. Supportive supervisions and different activities for staff capacity building is done. 

Barefoot quality of care centers the client, good and conducive environments should be able to provide a needed support to health providers to be able to provide quality health care to the clients.

BFQC look at the following;

  • Good reception.
  • Appropriate staff attitude towards patients
  • Considerations for the language used
  • Respect following different cultures and Traditions
  • Flexibility for payment, involving other family members in case the patient is not able to pay for the services.
  • Communication support or linkage on behalf of the patient
  • Reducing unnecessary waiting time
  • Availability of supplies
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Encourage executive visit: MOI. Executive directors, even the Bishops or secretary generals should make a friendly visit to the patients
  • Advisement of good practices and success stories
  • Strengthen linkage and referral system within and outside the facility for comprehensive supporter. From CTC to Palliative care and ETC.
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