Machame Hospital

In 1893 the first German Lutheran missionaries of Leipzig began their work in Machame. Their health ministry began under the large trees as people gathered to receive simple care for skin maladies from the missionaries. In1904 the first simple hospital building was constructed. Over the years the hospital has repeatedly expanded and the level of medical services provided elevated.

The Hospital is located high on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro in Hai District of Northern Tanzania, East Africa. With more than 200 health care workers.  It serves a population of approximately 300,000 people as well as some from across the country regions. Since 2013 Machame Hospital has been a Council Designated Hospital with bed capacity of 230 and it serves an average of 150 outpatients in daily. Machame Hospital offers a broad range of general and specialized health services. An educational component of its mission is provided through alignment with the Machame Health Training Institute which trains clinical officers and nurses. It is also a center for elective students who come from around the world to study tropical diseases and learn how care is provided in a low resource environment.

Hospital vision;

A Christian Centre of compassionate Quality and Accessible Health Care and training. The vision is consistent with directions of ELCT-ND and ministry of health community Development Gender and Children. To keep the people healthy, to deliver high quality health services, to provide the health care people need, to manage health services well.

Hospital mission;

To be an instrument to make people whole through holistic, quality accessible and compassionate health care and training, In achieving this the hospital requires well defined priorities, supportive leadership, staffs  and community collaboration. Supported by the care service values of compassion, integrity, teamwork, innovation, excellence, stewardship and transparency.

Machame hospital serve as primary referral hospital with bed capacity of 230 and it serves an average of 150 outpatient clients in daily basis.  A service offered includes; 

General medicine, General surgery, Obstetrics & gynecology, laboratory diagnostics, x-ray, ultra sound, dental, physiotherapy, pediatric services, reproductive and child health, pharmaceutical services, orthopedic, care and treatment center, mortuary, Hospice and palliative care.



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