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Faith Leaders United in Fighting the COVID 19 pandemic in Tanzania: This week, The ELCT health Department was privileged to host the leaders of Religious institutions in Tanzania engaged in the Interfaith Task force against COVID 19. These included Alhaj Jabir Mruma – The Secretary Genera -BAKWATA, The President of Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC) – Bishop Gervas Nyaisonga, The ELCT Presiding Bishop and CCT chairman – Dr. Fredrick Shoo. The trio presided over the special TV program in Dar es Salaam meant to express the religious endorsement of safety measures, education and support of the ongoing efforts to fight COVID 19 including access to vaccine to all eligible people.Norwegian Church Aid TanzaniaEvangelical Lutheran Church in AmericaACT AllianceAfrican Palliative Care Association

The ELCT health department and the religious leader’s task force for COVID 19 have conducted another interfaith meeting in babati – Manyara on Tuesday 20th September 2021. The meeting was attended by 36 religious leaders forming the Regional Interfaith Committee. The facilitation was done in collaboration with the Manyara regional health management team, questions about COVID 19 and Vaccines were answered and the development of plans to cascade the information through different religious platforms.

The ELCT health department and The Religious leaders’ task force for COVID 19 conducted a one-day meeting in Dodoma to respond to the questions and concerns about COVID 19 Vaccines and other related issues. The meeting was facilitated in collaboration with the Regional health management team (RHMT). A total number of 45 people attended this meeting. The religious leaders’ communication strategy for COVID 19, GBV and SRHR was distributed.

The ELCT health department in collaboration with the ELCT Dioceses, Interfaith platforms and Regional health management teams have continued to reach religious leaders with education on COVID 19 vaccine to clear misconceptions and increase Vaccine intake among community members especially the high-risk group. On 8th September the team conducted a meeting in Iringa attended by 35 religious leaders. On 9th and 10th September 2021, the religious leaders reached and the regional health team will conduct different radio programs to share the guidelines for safe religious practices in different platforms and COVID 19 vaccines.

55 religious leaders from ecumenical bodies from Arusha City Council are attending a one-day meeting aiming at increasing advocacy and sensitization to communities on importance of COVID-19 prevention and vaccination. The organizer of the meeting is ELCT health department and the facilitation is done in collaboration with the Religious leaders task force (Arusha members) and Arusha Council Health Department. During this training, Arusha City Council provided a room for participants to be vaccinated at the end of meeting. ELCT Host Diocese ELCT-North Central Diocese : Bishop Dr. Solomon MassangwaJosephine Sundqvist Gloria Mafole Paul Mmbando Paul KisangaUnite against COVID-19 Covid-19 News

On 19th August 2021, the Religious Leaders’ Task Force for COVID 19 conducted a one-day meeting in Moshi inviting the regional interfaith committee to provide education on COVID 19 vaccine. The meeting was also attended by the Regional Medical Officer for Kilimanjaro Region who joined the Professionals from the task force to respond to technical questions from the religious leaders. According to RMO, Currently there are 24,000 people vaccinated in the Kilimanjaro region. He mentioned there vaccines are still available and he invited the religious leaders to provide platforms for education in order to increase vaccine intake especially among the risk groups including people with chronic illnesses and the elderly. The meeting was organized by the ELCT health department.Abednego Keshomshahara Kalikawe Lwakalinda Bagonza Edmund Matotay Gloria Mafole Josephine SundqvistJackson Mushendwa Paul Mmbando Paul Kisanga Aloyce Koillah Kerstin Berge√• Hanna Wid√©nELCT Northern DioceseElct Karagwe DioceseELCT Karagwe diocese African Palliative Care Association Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania Covid-19 News Unite against COVID-19 Norwegian Church Aid Tanzania

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