Karatu Hospital

Karatu Lutheran Hospital (KLH) is a rural Mission Hospital owned by the Evangelical Lutheran church in Tanzania Northern Diocese. The hospital is located at Arusha region, in Tanzania, about 150 kilometers Southern West from Arusha town. Karatu Lutheran Hospital started a way back in 1954 as a health post for the settlers and missionaries on transit to Sonjo area in Loliondo and Ngorongoro Districts.  This Health post was established by the German Medical Missionaries.. In 1960 it became a hospital with 52 patients bed capacity, in 2000 it was expanded to the capacity of accommodating 100 patients, the hospital provides all sorts of medical and health care services to in and out patients. The Hospital has four wards namely medical, surgical, pediatrics and obstetrics and each ward is capable of accommodating 25 patients, it has two fully equipped operating theatre, pharmacy, mortuary, laundry unit and workshop with two operating backup generators. Management of the hospital has theatre, x-ray machines, ultra-sounds, basic laboratory investigations. The Hospital Governing committee is composed of 10 voting members. Hospital management committee has 16 members and Hospital management team with 7 members.


To provide the service that is equitable to the whole society.


Karatu Lutheran Hospital provides quality health care and training at lower cost for the purpose of generating the society which is in good health to the nation in order to have a developed nation in terms of Health.




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